Aimia and Infosys: Innovating for a better future

Jan – Pieter Lips, President, International Coalitions, Aimia speaks about the evolution of the relationship between Aimia and Infosys from Infosys being a trusted IT vendor partner to a truly strategic partner. The core of this relationship is innovation.

Infosys is helping Aimia achieve its growth ambitions with the Design Thinking principles. Aimia’s focus is to develop the right product for their targeted markets, especially the emerging ones, and at the same time, refine the existing products and ideas. Design Thinking was a powerful and effective method to bring convergent thinking across Aimia’s cross functional team to do the same in just three days. The approach helped them evaluate the core needs of a market and its consumers, and helped open their minds to think of creative solutions rather than pushing predetermined ideas. With the backbone and the strength of dT being customer centricity, simplicity and co-creation via an inclusive approach, it is helping Aimia push itself to the next level.

Going forward, Jan-Pieter and his team plan to leverage this methodology in other initiatives as well.

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