Cyber Security

Digitization has massively expanded the scope of security strategy and operations. Stand-alone point solutions are inadequate to protect against evolving threats and expanding attack surface. CISOs find themselves managing ‘reactive security’ rather than driving ‘holistic resilience’.

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Infosys experts discuss how cyber security transform the business landscape


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Our Offerings

Navigate to a digitally assured enterprise with Cyber Security services and solutions

In the world of increasing cyber-crime, our Cyber Security services help businesses build better and assured security posture.

With principles like Secure by Design and Secure by Scale, we help our clients Secure the Future by diagnosing, designing, delivering and defending against cyber threats.

We help businesses scale faster with our offerings with Identity and Access Management, Data Privacy Management, Data Protection Management, Vulnerability Management, Managed Security Services, Infrastructure Security, Threat Detection and Response, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Cloud Security and Emerging Technologies along with our solutions – Infosys Cyber Security Platform (iCSP) and Cyber Gaze.

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